Bosclip Aussie Products

The company “Bosclip Aussie Products” was originally formed by Mr. Joseph James Boseley in the early 1950’s at the height of the Australian manufacturing boom. Bosclip has been and still is a well-known, respected & trusted name in the Australian manufacturing industry & has been manufacturing for over 40 years. It is well known for such products as:

  • The Bosclip Electric Lawn Barber’n Edge Trimmer

  • The Bosclip Heir Clippers

  • The Bosclip Massage Pillow

  • The Bosclip Original Boomerang Pillow

The electric edger was designed at the request of Sir Alan Westerman who was then Secretary for the Department of Trade for Australia. Sir Alan made the request to all Australian manufacturers whilst attending the NEMA (Aust) conference at the Rex Hotel in Canberra. Joseph Boseley took this request as a personal challenge & set upon designing the first Australian made lawn edger. The invention proved so successful that it was immediately put into production & sold on the Australian domestic market. It has enjoyed continuing success to this present day.

Bosclip Aussie Products P/L was acquired in 1999 by the Carnevale family who at that stage had 22 years of experience in the manufacturing industry in Australia. They are keen to support the tradition of designing & manufacturing quality made Australian products. Bosclip are still producing the most popular items in the Bosclip range.

Bosclip are proud to announce that it will soon be releasing a new generation of petrol & electric lawn edgers & mowers. The main focus on all new products is simplicity, safety, reliability, longevity & low maintenance. All petrol units are equiped with a unique Australian designed DIRECT CLUTCH DRIVE system that enhances safety whilst providing maximum torque at the cutting blade. The units will be powered by two of the most reliable, trusted & well-known power sources on the Australian market today Tanaka & Honda. With this partnership Bosclip is surely destined for greater success in years to come. All Bosclip products are built to out perform & out last its competitors. The new owners would like to thank all past, present & future Bosclip users for the continued loyal support in purchasing Australian made products.

N.B There have been approximately 1,000,000 Bosclip electric lawn edgers sold over the past 42 years & a greater percentage of these are still in use today. We are still servicing the original model & parts for all models are available / a sign of true quality

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